Fuzzy Game Studios



Fuzzy Game Studios is a video game developer based in Oststeinbek (near Hamburg), Germany.
It's games are available for tablets and smartphones on Apple's iOS and Google's Android,
as well as desktop systems such as Apple's OSX, Microsoft's Windows and Linux.
Some of the games are also playable directly in webbrowsers.



Fuzzy Game Studios

has been founded in late 2011 by just me, Lucas "Fuzzy" Köppe
to release my first commercially available game, Tunnels for Android devices.
Soon after followed by Custom Pocket Minigolf in 2012.
This was just after I graduated at a commercial high school and as i began studying applied informatics.



In mid 2013

there was a new "home console" for Indie Developers released i put some hope on, the OUYA.
With my submission "Isle Defender", while the few ratings it got were positive, still the slightest success fell flat.




it needs to be more simple, easier to play, quicker? This attempt was Cannon Star, 2014.
But yet again... this attempt still led nowhere.
The main question always is: Why?
The answer this time: probably marketing.



Through the help of a friend of mine

I got comissioned to develop two games for a company nearby in 2014 and 2015.
Those games are "Dance Reactor" and "Crazy Sunride".
This was a strongly needed financial boost to be able to keep going.



Left again with myself

the next completed project became "Get Through" in 2016.
The plan here was to get familiar with in app purchasing, as well as going cross platform.
Getting it everywhere for everyone to play.
Get Through was the first game by Fuzzy Game Studios to be released on Dektop systems.
Before that the development focused purely on mobile devices.



Since then

a dark phase with barely any clear direction has set in.
With multiple prototypes in VR, on desktop and even on Nintendo's Wii U.
But none of these projects really became what i want from games, that is
Fun for extended periods of time.
Envoking feelings in the player, be it comfyness, fear or anything else.
Just something that makes someone want to play the game.



Well, now arrived in 2017

I'm doing the next attempt for a Desktop game.
If it turns out to work well, maybe on consoles, too.
Will it work? Will it be successfull?
Questions an Indie developer rarely gets answered beforehand.


So I just got to keep trying to bring something I can enjoy to you out there to enjoy as well!