Why it took so long

Quite a long time has passed since I came forward with the current retro-style project involving the still nameless squirrel.
You may wonder: What did he do the whole time?!

 Over the next weeks I'll post snippets of 3 prototypes I've developed and why I put them on halt.

Today the first stopped prototype is

VR Golf

(Click here for a short video taken during development [29.6MB])


Looks nice you might say, so what went wrong?


There are actually two reasons:

First one being that i felt the visual appearance i wanted to keep up seemed out of my scope for such a project on my own.
It would've taken too long to finish for what it was going to be when I'm doing it alone.
Performance wise it ran okay (on a Nvidia GeForce GTX980). Would've probably been even better on one of the never 1080 / 1070 VR Ready models.
But how many people are there who have those, a VR Device and are willing to buy this game?
Maybe more than i would think, maybe not.


Anyways, reason two would be that I'm not really a sports person, and I'm not really into sport games.
So if i were to finish this and get a group of people buy and like this game, those would most likely be people who enjoy sport games.
And if i then start making games that i personally enjoy I'd again have to start from almost zero attracting people that would want to play the games i really enjoy developing and playing myself.
This way i don't get dragged into a circle of painful development I can't fully enjoy myself.
Though it was kinda fun for a moment to play this prototype, i gotta admit that.


Maybe I will pick this one up again later!