2nd VR Prototype

This week I'll tell you about the second VR prototype that did not make it for me.
With Halloween right around the corner I think it's the right time to talk about this project.

 It was supposed to be a somewhat scary VR story experience where you were haunted by an evil spirit that you and your friends summoned during a seance you did because you were young and wanted to try out things.

Teenagers do weird things without thinking them through, don't they?

It was also supposed to have motion captured character animations.


VR Seance (Working Title)

(Click here for a short video taken during development [2.40MB])


Interesting, but what went wrong?


There are again two reasons:

First reason being that movement in VR is somewhat limited
and moving your character/avatar/position around without experienceing real life feedback it easily and quickly causes motion sickness.
This was something that to me servely limited gameplay possibilities.


Second reason:
What would you do in the game?
It was not quite clear. You could look for clues or watch X or Y happen around you.
But my doubts were too big that this would be worth a purchase for people out there.
Especially with the relatively small number of VR users out there at the time.