3rd VR Prototype

This week I will share some information about the 3rd and final VR prototype i created between finishing Get Through and starting Project Retro (Working Title)

 VR Hot Wire sounds exactly like what it was supposed to become: playing hot wire in virtual reality.


VR Hot Wire(Working Title)


Interesting, but what went wrong?


There are yet again two reasons:

First reason being the VR market seemed to be quite small and very specialized to me.
Finding enough people who are interested in such a game and have the necessary equipment to make it worth it seemed unlikely.


Second reason:
Though being fun doing it once or twice it becomes boring very quickly.
Sure, there were some ideas to spice it up a little, but in my opinion it wouldn't have become a very satisfying game.


So this concludes the three VR prototype news.
If you are really interested in one of these projects feel free to let me know and tell me what you think on Twitter!