Current Project

A few days ago I have started yet another prototype.

But before I talk about that prototype I'm gonna go back in time and tell you why I came to do this project ... again.

Back when I was still studying I had basically three projects: A Shmup, Get Through in a very early form and a Marble game.

For all of them i made several attempts and stopped when I wasn't satisfied with how the project was going.

So the Shmup had at least 3 project starts.
Get through was finished in it's third attempt.
And well, the Marble game, 2 to 3 starts depending on how you see it.


So now...

I am going back to the marble game in an attempt to have it managable for my current sillset as well as being a single indie developer.


Here is a little screenshot taken right from the latest bulid, wich still is veeery early.


"So you now stop working on that squirrel game?"

Yes, for now i put that one on stop.
I really like that project, but getting assets into the game just takes too many steps.
And overall it takes more time than I have for a videogame project at the time.
If i win the lottery and can lay back, I'm going back to this!


Now back to the marble project.

The main target for now is PC, I am also thinking about console ports, BUT I'll look more into that only when the game is near finished, not before.
I have learned from my mistakes..

Since it's still very early on many details haven't been set in stone.
What I definitely want for this project is:

  • A colorful environment
  • Low-poly style for quicker and simpler asset creation
  • Different and fun physical behaviours.

Thinks that are in my mind as "will probably do":

  • add enemys that are 'living' not just stage hazards
  • have the goal be: collect X, or all gems and reach a goal

And with a maybe, if possible later on:

  • world bosses to fight
  • multiplayer mode


Will this attempt be a success?

I really do hope so!

at least more than my projects before...