New Website!

Oh boy it's this time again, the website has been updated completely!

There is soo much improved stuff now, now.. where do i start..


Oh yes, the site now features mobile and tablet layouts!
Try it out, check out the website on your tablet or smartphone!
I won't post a picture of it here!


What's next..
Let's talk about the new home page layout.
When you now enter the website you can see the latest and most popular games right away.
No need to go around searching for them anymore.
And then there's generally more space and it's not that cramped anymore.


But wait! Threre's more! more? Yes more!
The game page layout has been reworked.
You don't have to scroll around for endless seconds anymore.
Most of the content is now visible right away with the general game text on the left-mid area,
and all the details, screenshots and videos on the right sidebar.
When you're done reading this article, check out a game page, I'd suggest Get Through!


Awesome, but that's all, isn't it? NO! There is still more!
Check out the Blog page.
This is where all the news will be posted and more.
This more includes development bits and pieces of current projects.
Check it out, there's already an entry waiting there.


Phew, that's a lot. But there are even more little things that have changed, just take a look around!
If you notice anything strange, please let me know on Twitter and, when you're already there, give me a follow!