Direction Update

Well, well, well...

Just 3 days ago the current project was still a full-on marble game.

The initial response was, when there has been one, mixed.
Generally it has been politely positive. But it does not seem to be something people would really care for.

I really have to be careful not to make it a bigger project than I alone can manage yet again.
(Although it starts going right into that direction)

What happened?

The ball has been replaced with a character.
One that will get his own moveset, animations and stuff.
That's clearly way more work than just a ball rolling around would need.

The general level progression is planned to stay more or less the same, just with more enemies to combat in the way.

As of right now, the character currently used in development is just a placeholder with placeholder animations to build a well working state machine from that a great moveset can be build easily.
This has been going very well so far.

The whole moveset has yet to be planned out though.