Brain, stahp!!

Just to give a quick update.

My brain is weird, but I kinda like where this is going.

I had this rough concept early on when starting the marble project.
I don't want to put out too many details just yet.
But the main reason i got there was to make the thing or character you play as more relatable for players.

This is pretty hard to do with just a ball.
First plan was to just make the ball different rolling faces that can talk, could probably work.
Second plan was a somewhat different concept i was pushing away because i wasn't quite sure where to go with it.
Third plan a gamecharacter as something people are used to.

But the second plan did not want to leave my head, because I like the overall idea best.

So to give you a little screenshot rundown of where things are going:

  1. first image after just a single evening of work.
  2. few days later: extending and adding more objects.
  3. rough concept of how the ball would fit into bigger worlds, kinda like in the game Glover for the Nintendo 64.
  4. Well, just balls seem boring a character has to be in the game, so i used some more freely available stuff from the web to better see what i was building.
  5. And there i am now.. writing this blog entry a 5, almost 6 o' clock in the morning while havin a fire 'breathing' kitty in a debug room. The cat is also still a placeholder!

View the embedded image gallery online at: