Someone here?

Test test, hello? Is anyone still here?
I really hope so!

I'm really sorry I'm not posting much, like nothing for months here.

Sadly I have quite a few other things to deal with than just game dev since by far I can't live from it yet.

But all crying aside I'm still on some stuff!.
It's still to some degree on the basis of the Marble game i showed earlier... like uhm.. In february earlier or rather the route it took i described in the last blogpost Brain, stahp!!.

It is a little difficult to make this post, I don't wanna post every little tidbit there is and potentially raise hopes for something that won't come in this way (again).
That's because it's yet again early on and I want to let you know that Fuzzy Game Studios still has a beating heart.

The general style is based on something I personally realy love and the gameplay on a genre I truly enjoy.

Time to stop talking around it.

The plan is a glow/lights in the dark (parcour) platformer game.
And here is a screenshot of a test level.

Right now there is still a LOT to do and mechanics / moves to implement, the main character model will still need an update some time, too.
But it's shaping up quite nicely.

So that's it for now an I will definitely report back when i have more to share.

But remember solo gamedeving as a side thing more or less really takes a lot of time.