Just a blogpost

*Blows the dust off this site*

Looking at the date of the last blogpost it has been a while, wow.

Yeah, gamedevelopment is not easy, especially when you're going at it alone.
This should be common knowledge by now.
But damn is it tempting.

I've been doing some prototypes in the meantime but nothing really gave me the "that's it!" feel.
Though the main problem I'm facing is that I'm a programmer since my very early days and game development with it's tools is shifting more and more towards artists, which I not mainly am.
I mean I can do some stuff, but I'd really need to shift my focus and practice a lot of different things to make it great.
Kinda wish I could just have an artist and sound-guy slave, because there's not much that I could give back while working on projects currently.

I've built yet another prototype, going back from the desktop/console idea to primarily mobile platforms.
A good part of the programming already works well, but I'm yet again facing the asset creation part: models, textures, animations.
And I'm yet again not sure how I'm going to manage scaling that mountain of work.

Oh well, just wanted to get that off my chest and have a post showing that there's still something going on at Fuzzy Game Studios.